Arelis vs SEO Elite. Which one is the best? Find out which search engine optimizing software works the best - the absolute truth exposed, before you make your decision...

"Search engine optimization software, Hype or Fact?..."

Fellow internet marketer,

You've seen the ads. Read the promotions. Now you want the truth. You need the truth before spending over $100 on software that may or may not work.

I happen to love playing with software tools. In fact I'm a software developer and programming instructor.

That's why I own all of the popular search engine optimization software tools including...Web Position Gold, SEO Elite, Internet Business Promoter (IBP) and Arelis.

Additionally I've used probably a dozen other software tools and techniques to generate traffic to my web sites.

"After 6 years and dozens of algorithm changes by the search engines, I'm still getting top spots for my keywords. Here's how..."

It boils down to 2 things: on page optimization and off page optimization.

Things really haven't change much over the years with regards to the analysis and tools for on page factors. The way the search engines use the on page factors has changed, but that's about it. Let me explain...

On page factors have to do with things like keyword density, heading tags, page title, italics, image tags, etc. It's not hard to check these things out in the top 10 sites for whatever keywords and simply copy the factors. You could even do this by hand, but I wouldn't recommend it.

I have to be honest with you, there is no need to subscribe to any kind of update service that claims to know how to use these on page factors. Simply check the top 10 sites and see what they are doing.

Off page factors are the most important these days. Here's why...

It's relatively easy to get the on page factors right. That's why the search engines now put more emphasis on the off page factors--they need something more definitive to rank site by, and something that can't be manipulated as easily.

The off page factors have to do with links. There are several elements that have to do with links such as page rank, anchor text, anchor text variation, IP address, etc. The search engines are getting more sophisticated with regards to these link related factors.

Link management is the key...

Unfortunately, link networks don't work. Regardless of how much or how little they are automated, the search engines are on to this strategy and will discount the links. You have to manually manage your links. There is no simple push-button way to find link partners, create and manage your links, but there are tools that make the whole process much easier to manage and save hours of time.


Does it work?.. - read on...

Is Arelis really the best way to manage links on the market?

Can Arelis actually spy on your competition and beat them with their own secrets?

...And can Arelis actually work to improve ranking?...

Keep reading to find out the truth



Arelis is an excellent tool but you MUST use it the right way. Unless you do, forget about it...



Looks pretty Complicated?

Let me explain...

Let me explain to you how you can get ahead of every other Arelis user...

Learn how to use the most advanced Arelis features fast...

...And make twice as much progress from Arelis as everyone else...

Keep reading to find out the truth


I've been working with Arelis for several years and several product upgrades now. I've used it to generate hundreds of quality links to my sites. I know what works and what doesn't when it comes to links and I'll share all that with you, but first...


Here are some of the features of Arelis. Remember, each one is practically a separate piece of software in itself:

1. Quickly find potential link partners and exchange links with them. ARELIS makes it as easy as possible. - ARELIS offers you a ton of useful information about every link partner so that you can quickly decide if you want to link to a web site or not. See the PR, traffic rank, relevance, IP address, number of outbound links, etc.

2. Who links to your competitors? Who offers a link suggestion form? ARELIS quickly finds the best link partners. - Web pages that link to your competitors are web pages that should link to your site. ARELIS makes it easy to spy on your competitors and locate these sites. Just use the "Find web sites that link to your competitors" feature, enter the URL of your competitors and ARELIS will show a list of web sites that link to your competitors.

3. Customized email messages at your fingertips - ARELIS allows you to send a customized email message to the web site owner. Just click the "Send Email Message" panel in the main window and select one of the message templates. ARELIS will automatically insert the web site details and the email address of the web site owner in your message. You must word this correctly. If you don't, your response will be cut by more than 50%. I'll explain exactly the right way to do this.

4. Custom link pages with the click of a button - Creating link pages is very easy with ARELIS. Just check the "Include in Link Pages" box of the web sites you want to have on your link pages. Then click the "Create Link Pages" button. ARELIS can create one-page and multiple pages link directories. You can also customize the link directory templates so that the link pages match your web site design. ARELIS also checks your directories for broken links. The ARELIS link page template wizard makes it very easy for you to create link pages in your web site design.



As you can see, Arelis is practically monstrous. In fact, each of the above features is practically a program in itself.


"But now for the ultimate question - did I improve my rankings with Arelis? The results are in..."

...and the answers is a definite yes! #1 for several competitive keywords across all 3 major search engines, including Google.

But here's how Arelis compares to the other tools...

SEO Elite is a decent tool for finding potential link partners, but Arelis is much better at managing the link requests. There is a process that you need to go through in creating links. Briefly, you find potential partners, add their links to your site, email the other web site, follow up if you haven't heard from them, and finally remove them from your link page. SEO Elite can find potential partners and do the initial email. That's about it. You'll end up spending hours on the rest of the process if you don't use Arelis.

Arelis is designed to handle the entire process from beginning to end--a huge time saver.

Web Position Gold's strongest feature is the "Page Critic" which analyzes the on page factors. As I said before, the off page factors are most important and Arelis excels in that area.

The latest version of Arelis includes Internet Business Promoter (IBP) to optimize your on page factors

You now have the best on page and off page optimization tool all in one software package

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This all means you can set up profitable link campaigns in minutes.

But, you should be aware of this: if you do linking and don't have Arelis you are losing out. And, if you are even thinking of getting Arelis without my eBooks... be prepared for a long, painful haul trying to work out the features.

Just don't say I didn't warn you.

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